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Guest Author: Ernesto San Giacomo ~ Villains and Heroes: Tweaking a Standard

Imagine someone whose only desire is power, world domination, and/or gathering riches beyond the average dreams of avarice. Such an individual represents a classic villain from the SciFi or Fantasy genres, like Darth Vader from Star Wars or Voldemort from … Continue reading

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There’s even an app for that…

The air was redolent with incense with a vague hint of coffee and Indian chai masala. Outside, the birds were singing in the unexpected sunshine. A monkey screeched from the depths of the bed covers, stopping the conversation in mid … Continue reading

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#writephoto: Vader and Valkyrie – Victoria Bruce

Darth? Vader? YES. Mind me asking, I hope you don’t, but WTF? YODA. IS THAT YOU? Anyone else who grammar butchers like me know do you? WHY ARE YOU HERE. Disturbance in the force, I felt. Force laughing, I heard. … Continue reading

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