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Beloved Inamorata ~ Smita Ray #writephoto

Sometimes, I passed the time of the day with you, But you, silently, slipped inside your home; Somehow my heart, still, made it through, Continue reading at The Wide Blue Yonder

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Beloved ~ Fleur McMorrow #writephoto

Unstoppable his journeying Beloved Don Quixote… Oh Time, travails, they’ve Unraveled your mind, bent Your stride, dwindled flesh To mere silhouette…and yet Your spirit flames unquenchable. Continue reading at Word-Whelmed Woman

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Golden Dawn – Hélène Vaillant #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt – Gold #writephoto Between lonely nights and still longer days only dark shadows filled my heart. Each day brought deeper longing for his breath upon my lips, his embrace encircling my core. On this particular day upon seeing … Continue reading

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