‘Ch… Ch… Changes’…

County Meath, Saturday, 30th July 2022…


The entrance stone of New Grange.


…It is easy to say, certainly,

but less easy to say what

is, in fact, happening with such changes in form.


New Grange Gnomon-Stone.


Rudolf Steiner talked a lot about

changes in the nature of consciousness over the ages

and this has more than a mere ring of truth to it.


New Grange Gnomon-Stone.


It is linked to the ‘bear-shirt’

which gives us, berserkers, and also

to the were-wolf as well!


In the Scandinavian folk record

such ‘shape-shifting’ abilities

are linked to certain royal bloodlines.


New Grange Gnomon-Stone.


It may also have something to do with

animal totems and clans?


It may even have something

to do with the stars?…

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About Stuart France

Writer and Director of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School.
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