Loughcrew: Metempsychosis…

County Meath, Friday, 29th July 2022…


‘Cairn of the Cailleach’ and its satellites


The apron or skirt-full of stones motif

is associated with these sorts of sites in Ireland,

England, Wales and Cornwall.


It is usually an old hag or a giant’s wife

and often these things are synonymous.


At any rate the ‘stone-dropper’ needs to be huge,

if not gigantic, and also needs to be capable

of, as Swift puts it, prodigious leaps!


Mister Swift certainly seems to have known

more than a thing or two

 with his Lilliputians and all.


Didn’t they make

our gullible Gulliver a giant?…

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About Stuart France

Writer and Director of T.O.L.L.
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