County Roscommon, Tuesday 26th July 2022…


Ancient to Medieval (And Slightly Later) History - Rathra, Ireland Rathra (also called Ratra,...


Weirdly, our next site came

with a, ‘beware of the bull’ sign!


And while there was no animal visible,

there were signs of its presence

liberally spread about the field.


As well as, more reassuringly,

a Fairy Tree!



‘The monument consists of a quadri-vallate earthwork,

meaning it has a series of three ditches

and four earthen banks surrounding a central area.


It is one of a very few such enclosures in Ireland,

along with The Rath of the Synods on the Hill of Tara

and Tlachtga on the Hill of Ward in Co Meath.


These sites are thought to have been the burial places

of high status individuals and/or important ritual centres.’


Which does not actually tell us a great deal, really…

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About Stuart France

Writer and Director of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School.
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