Sometimes one has to cheat ~ Tallis Steelyard

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Sometimes one has to cheat

I have previously mentioned Gisset, clerk of works to Tildus Thallawell. I would rate him as perhaps the best organised man in Port Naain. But occasionally even he needs the help only a poet can give him.

His problem started with the Wibblethrone statues. These adorned the front of the Wibblethrone family’s rather grand villa. There were nine, representing the muses. Given that the Wibblethrone family had never invested a dreg in the arts in living memory and probably picked up the statuary cheap in a bankruptcy sale, I always felt they did not deserve to own them.

It seems that Tildus Thallawell shared my opinion. He had seen these statues when invited to attend upon the family in a professional capacity and had decided they were utterly unsuitable. He had instructed Gisset to have them removed and replaced by an array of hanging baskets and raised beds.

I enter the story the morning after this had been done. Gisset had put a team together, this time including gardeners. Whilst the family slept the team had moved in, removed the statues and replaced them with the assorted floral arrangements. As always, the task was completed smoothly and efficiently, Gisset paid off his team and then went to report the success to Tildus Thallawell. After doing this he called in at the Jiggle and Flinch, probably to get some lunch.

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  1. jwebster2 says:

    admit it, when did you last reblog a story tagged with ‘shuttering timber’
    The world is a broader place with Tallis Steelyard involved 🙂


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