Merely selling flowers – Tallis Steelyard

merely selling flowers

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It is all too easy for an honest man to get into trouble, in spite of his best endeavours. Indeed I have noticed that merely trying to make your way through life quietly and without fuss seems guaranteed to drive Fate into a frenzy, causing it to do everything it can to make your life difficult. Hence it may be that a wise man shuns diffidence and ensures that the pages of history bear the marks of his booted feet, stamped heavily across them.

But if you don’t believe me about the dangers of living a quiet life, I bring to your attention Yorrund Meal. Yorrund was ‘blessed’ in that he was married to the lady who had condescended to becoming Madam Meal. In spite of having few advantages of birth or fortune, she determined that they were going to be persons of solid prosperity.

To be fair to her, she had definite gifts. She discovered that she numbered amongst her acquaintances any number of ladies who would provide rooms for students at the University. Indeed when they met they often laughed together over items of student gossip. It was then she had a moment of revelation and decided to provide a scurrilous news sheet for students.

Now she doubtless isn’t the first to do this, but she must surely be one of the few who has done so without ever having been a student.

The news sheet was an immediate financial success, selling large numbers at minimal cost. The printer was happy to handle distribution and refused to divulge to interested parties the name of the person who wrote it. Many attempted to track down the writer, often with the fiercely expressed intention of ‘beating some decency into them.’ They even kept a watch on the print shop, hoping to spot the villain arriving with an incriminating document. Yet being students it never occurred to them that a plump middle-aged lady with her hair protected by a headscarf and carrying a broom and a bag of cleaning implements was the person that they were looking for. Indeed as she left having swept the print-shop (as part payment of printing costs) they would often ask her whether she had seen anybody sneaking in with a news sheet to print. More than one tipped her silver to keep her eyes open for this much sought individual.

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27 Responses to Merely selling flowers – Tallis Steelyard

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  2. Jennie says:

    I think this is one of his best stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jwebster2 says:

    It’s always difficult to tell to be honest. Some times I think it’s good and people rave over it, and other times people just seem to think it’s OK but nothing special. I think different stories touch different people differently


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