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Moving #midnighthaiku

Change of residence Readying the nursery For new beginnings For several years the magpies have built their nest in a tree just over the fence. In summer, the nest is hidden by the leaves, but in winter there is neither … Continue reading

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Comfort zone

I view the creation with pride and desire, I’d need a stepladder were it any higher; The bed now comes up to my waist, it is true, But the best thing about it? The mattress is new. * It has … Continue reading

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Getting settled

I haven’t been idle while the internet was down. I spent the first few days trying to make a hell-hole into a home before my first visitor arrived. The morning after the move I looked as if I’d gone ten … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Strange goings on…

She’s up to Stuff again. Don’t ask me what… but I can tell. This time, even a cat would be able to tell! She’s being really weird… weirder than her normal weird, and that’s saying something. Normally, when I play … Continue reading

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Silent running

At some point during the second-coffee hours of this morning, the computer will join the rest of my household, concealed within the anonymity of a cardboard box and join the merry stream that flows towards my new home today. The … Continue reading

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String theory and the decline of civilisation…

The chicken korma wasn’t great. To be fair, I didn’t expect it to be, not microwaved directly from the freezer cabinet of the local store. But it had the advantage of speed and heat. I had wondered why I had … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the three beds…

I had a visitor this weekend, who will…should all finally go according to plan… be the last I will receive in this house. My ex-husband came over from France to see his sons and meet his granddaughter. It seems rather … Continue reading

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When one door closes…

I go, but do not mourn for me Or grieve that I will never see The springtime blossom on the tree Bear autumn gold. * The journey calls, the way is clear, No longer will you find me here, The … Continue reading

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Sentimental sediment

Image: MyLot It is a long story, but suffice it to say that for the past year I have been trying to move to a smaller place. My current home has more bedrooms than I need. A smaller place makes … Continue reading

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