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Magical Feather – Balroop Singh #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt The feather we found on the ledge Remains as precious as you It’s color…just like your blue eyes Impelling me to plunge Into their depth Continue reading at Emotional Shadows

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Microfiction #writephoto: Black pearl – Jane Dougherty

Winter sunset and the old stone glows red. Blue as a bird’s egg, the sky, raked with bare black branches. So much colour in the biting cold. The night would bring frost and grass collect a fur of white. She … Continue reading

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Message — #writephoto by Frank Hubeny

If my imaginary friend had more brains I’d trust her advice, but when Alice tells me something I have to examine it from all angles, especially those angles I forget to check. It might be the best advice I’ll get … Continue reading

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Messenger #writephoto by Michael

She hadn’t heard from him for so long the hurt of it was crushing on her. Ever since time stopped and distance shifted into the realms of impossibility she wondered about him. Now her days were about surviving as best … Continue reading

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A lesson on wings

The taxi was going to be late. No bus, still no car. I need to be elsewhere and I’m stuck. Could have stayed in bed a bit longer…Didn’t have to get up before dawn… but the cold had woken me, … Continue reading

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