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Vanity and the barber’s shop…

Oh vanity, thy name is Man, Not always Woman, as we’re told, You primp and preen impartially: To save us all from looking old (You order us to diet too, On soup and salad, hot and cold). How do we … Continue reading

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Salad days

To clear this rotten bug away that’s been a lousy joke, I thought I’d run a nice hot bath and have a lazy soak. I could, I thought, put something in, to make the steam work well, I settled on … Continue reading

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Replay – Guest post: Christine Hannon, “A Hairdresser’s Diary”

As anyone who takes one look at my unruly mop will realise, I seldom sit in the hairdresser’s chair. Christine Hannon, however, wielded the scissors and a sympathetic ear for many years. A hairdresser will hear many stories, but it … Continue reading

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