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Turn of the wheel

The car pulled out in front of me and stood out from the rest of the traffic like the proverbial sore thumb. I followed it up the long road towards the village, conscious of how different it looked. Neither veteran … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 5: Decisions at dawn

The trouble with bodies is that by the time they realise you are on holiday and don’t have to get up… you are not, and you do. So I was up long before dawn, as usual, scraping the ice from … Continue reading

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Squeals on wheels

Finally!!! I’m mobile again. You really don’t know how much you rely on the car till you don’t have one. Living in the city years ago it was no problem; public transport filled the gaps, and made having a car … Continue reading

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Mercury is not retrograde…

The sun is out, it feels like spring and the Christmas tree will be coming down today. I have always left it till Twelfth Night in the past, following the tradition in which I was raised. I used to add … Continue reading

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Headlights on dark roads…?

 I do not recommend the Ford Puma for anyone taller than, say, three foot, who wishes to spend a night in a car, particularly if you want to be able to move again in the morning. Though ‘wishes’ may be … Continue reading

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