Two Bulls: the fair-horned…

County Sligo, Carrowmore, Tuesday 26th July 2022…



White his heavy mane

and his massive hoofs

pounded in purple;



his body dyed, blood

red, from the clay bog

with a blank pap

under breast and back;



 and from nape to rump

 a thirty-boy gap

his ponderous tail

hanging hinder haunch;



to his cows the

beloved idol of herds;

 father of big beasts,

born to bear victory:



  bellowing in greatness…

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About Stuart France

Writer and Director of T.O.L.L.
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1 Response to Two Bulls: the fair-horned…

  1. Beautiful words and pictures. We didn’t do Carrowmore because dogs are not allowed but I always Marcel at Queen Maeves grave when we drive along. Thanks for sharing 🤗

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