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Thursday Photo Prompt – Mine -#writephoto

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Sue’s photo prompt this week… find the link here. Discoveries made Treasures found from long ago A mine of wonders Mystical tales uncovered Proving other-worldly life Ritu 2016

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#writephoto microfiction: The hole in the wall from Jane Dougherty

Reblogged from Jane Dougherty Writes: “Hey! Look! A hole in the wall!” Above their heads, half-hidden among the ferns growing in the trickling damp, a half-moon-shaped opening yawned blackly. Without waiting for Jason, Danny jumped for a handhold, his feet … Continue reading

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The tale of a fish

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I’ve inherited an aquarium, for the second time. The first time it was a gift when a friend’s husband passed away…she needed to re-home the fish and, knowing my younger son had a keen…

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First flight

We had watched the swallows in the hotel car-park the night before, marvelling at their mastery of the air and swift, graceful flight and delighting in the first, tentative flutters as the baby swallows left the nest for the first … Continue reading

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Mine-Sweeper by Stuart France #writephoto

Reblogged from Stuart France: I entered the ruin to a low hum… The snug fit of my arms in the portal vectors was no accident. Once inserted an irreversible chain reaction commenced. The stone and wood around me shifted into … Continue reading

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Out of Time – part II

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
Copyright 123tf.com Morning came too soon. Appearing hardly rested, the coachman seemed distracted as they enjoyed a hearty start to the day, courtesy of the Innkeeper’s wife. The Nereid had come to him, in the…

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Sleepy #midnighthaiku

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