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Keeping faith?

On Thursday, I will finally see the oncologist to discuss what, if any, steps can be taken to address the rebellious cells currently busy trying to kill me. The appointment is, quite clearly, for me alone. Like so many others … Continue reading

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The Convent~ Deborah #writephoto

I studied the black and white photo of the convent where the nuns had hidden several Jewish families at risk of their own lives. I was little boy at the time. I didn’t fully understand what was going on but … Continue reading

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Asya Speaks Out ~ Notes to Women #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent The magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains and surrounding beautiful landscape which usually filled Asya with peace failed to do so this morning.   There was political uncertainty in Sweden as the anti-immigrant party made historic gains … Continue reading

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The Harrogates ~ A Heart for Africa #writephoto

After having lunch in the market town of Pickering, the tour group made their way up the narrow, twisted path flanked by colorful hedges and shrubs, paused to take photos of the stone monument before trekking across the sprawling acres … Continue reading

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The right to equality

It is International Women’s Day. There are a lot of informative and inspirational articles out there, celebrating the achievements of womankind and highlighting the many social and cultural injustices for which, it seems, we still have to work before they … Continue reading

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