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French postcards 7 from Steve Tanham

Reblogged fom Sun in Gemini: Sunday morning are strange things on these trips. You set off from your auberge all kitted up like you’re off to the moon, and the first ten people you meet are sandal-clad, sleepy locals carrying … Continue reading

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French Postcards 6 from Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: On days like this people often ask why we do it? Why do you spend precious holidays pitting yourselves against the weather, particularly the hot sun, just to travel a few hundred miles by bicycle? … Continue reading

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North by north-east

There were buzzards, kestrels and kites, it seemed, marking every mile as I drove north on Wednesday, just watching the road from tree and fence. I may have been travelling alone, but I was not going to feel lonely with … Continue reading

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Almost a blog tour..?

Barring disasters, I am off on my travels again. It seems ages since I last went north and the withdrawal symptoms set in a while ago. We were supposed to be hopping over to Ireland this week on a research … Continue reading

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