And Drift…

County Westmeath, Thursday, 28th July 2022…


‘Place of the ford of Luan’


Athlone on the Shannon.


It did not always look like this!



For one thing,

it used to be a lot greyer.



But gradually, along with the boats,

colour started to seep into the area.



If only, for a long time,

a sort of mucky brown.


Athlone castle is already present in this picture,

and probably had been for quite some time.


It is just visible on the left.


At some point a garrison was stationed there,

whose efforts, so the story goes,

finally brought to an end the endeavours at Clonmacnois,

and it would still not be inappropriate to regard the building as a fort,

and a very formidable looking fort at that.


However, it is now a museum and there were rumours

that a couple of Sheela-na-Gigs are now housed there.


Or at least, they once were,

the tourist guide made no mention of them,

and instead extolled the virtues of the very latest

interactive experience…


The museum, though, for all its hype,

still has the air of the sort of place

that once entered might be very difficult to exit.



Apart from the foreboding cast

of the new museum

Athlone, is a very pleasant,

and suitable hole-up in which

to enjoy a well earned rest-day…

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About Stuart France

Writer and Director of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School.
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2 Responses to And Drift…

  1. joylennick says:

    Thank you Stuart. It sounds a most interesting place. Sadly, although hubby and I have ‘trod the leather’ in the past (and driven countless miles as he loves… driving) now we’re in our 90s, we ‘toddle’ nearer to home (in Spain). We have been fortunate to have visited and explored quite a few countries over the years, and lived in Canada for 18 fascinating months, but we are now happy where we are, and most grateful for the journey and treasured memories. Happy wandering! I think, often, of dear Sue. Some people do leave footprints on your heart… Best wishes. Joy x

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