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Endeavour and the Lighthouse (4-End) – Steve Tanham

There are two schools of thought on what to wear on a cycling summer day in which there is the possibility of a downpour, far from home… The first (Plan A)  says you should put up with the weight and … Continue reading

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Bright in the dark: endeavour and the lighthouse (3) – Steve Tanham

Something had happened when we decided to approach the strange village by walking along the beach and coming to it via the old but grand harbour, with its mighty blocks and sea-gates. It was only later that we realised that … Continue reading

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Bright in the dark: endeavour and the lighthouse (2)

‘Surreal’ is an often used word and does its best to convey a moment, usually quite fleeting, in which there is both a heightened sense of ‘being there’ and another feeling of strangeness. The two come together and we feel … Continue reading

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Bright in the Dark: Endeavour and the lighthouse by Steve Tanham

The tiny airport was a refreshing change to the madness of modern flying, with its scarring signature of  ‘security’. You could imagine a kindly local lady rushing out and saying, “Hamish the Russian terrorist is on holiday today, so I’m … Continue reading

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