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Top ten great reasons to get older. Plus RESOLUTION by Andrew Joyce #TuesdayBookBlog #Western

Originally posted on Barb Taub:
The advantages of geezerhood Every time I go to New York, I learn something new. Last time, I learned that I’m one of these people. PRIORITY SEATING: Please offer your seat to a pregnant woman.…

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#writephoto – Still Waters

Originally posted on Helen Glynn Jones:
Here’s my response to Sue’s lovely photograph – her #writephoto prompt for this week: At The Closing of the Day I’d bought this place because of the view. It was never the same one…

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Originally posted on Stuart France:
When Pieman was very young, and living at the beginnings of time, he often slept with the Cave Bear Clan during stormy weather. * Over the course of many such nights, Big Brown Bear who…

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Snake on Sunday

That Sunday we had decided we needed to do some serious work. For starters we knew that we needed some shots for the new book and decided that the wall of the dam we had visited on Friday would be … Continue reading

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Sartorial dreams

I want to be an emo-goth, or something of that ilk And dress in flowing fripperies of velvet, lace and silk. Or dark Victoriana of the Steampunk kind of thing, With nicely whaleboned corsetry all tightened up with string. I’d … Continue reading

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Smile #midnighthaiku

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