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The Life of Dachau ~ On Quality and Giving Up

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Those three words, seared into the mind, bring a pain I cannot define. I want to reach out and feel the cold iron letters, erasing their significance ~ “Arbeit Macht Frei” The naïveté when…

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The Privilege of Solitude

“If I hadn’t had my life shaken up as it has been, there’s no way I’d be doing this. But my priorities have been realigned and I’m now looking for happiness in different places.”

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An old haunt

“If we were to tell the whole story, no-one would believe it. Even I don’t believe it!” Except, we were there. We know what happened. We were part of that surreal succession of coincidences, odd occurrences and strangeness that set … Continue reading

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Feeling true

“WEN…” “Now.” “I know now.” “What do you now know?” “I know what the mission is.” “Well that didn’t take long.” “We’re on a mission to feel true.” “You’re going to have to elaborate I’m afraid.” “Well it’s like… it’s … Continue reading

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Smiler #midnighthaiku

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