“The Sisterhood of the World” blog award.

I don’t usually participate in blog awards. These days I never seem to get the time! And I hate having to choose just a few to share with! But this one was both a surprise and an honour. This was the first such award given to Prasna at Art2Peace and she kindly nominated me for “The Sisterhood of the World”  blog award. Thank you!

Gentlemen, I am sorry… you are not sisters… though many of you support the ladies of the blogosphere so well, I am tempted to include you, I have to say…. 🙂



1. Why do you have a Blog?
It began just to see if I could work out the technology. I posted a couple of things then left it for a year. Twelve months later, I began writing about my son’s journey through acquired brain injury… then the Silent Eye was born and I needed to be able to get school known… and then the books began… and now? I have a blog because I love writing 🙂

2. What inspires you the most? Everything!


3. Favourite animal and why? Dog… because the small dog would never forgive me if I said anything else!

ani 0044. What is your favourite Color? All of them… though if I had to choose it would be true Indian Yellow…just for the story behind the pigment… made from the earth upon which a camel fed on mango leaves has pee’d. Artists… this is why you should never lick your brush…

5. Do you prefer the Ocean or Mountains? The hills are my heart’s home, but I love the ocean too.

6. Tea or Coffee? Always coffee!

7. How many languages can you speak? Two fluently… if not always correctly! English and French… and a smattering of a handful of others.

8. What made you happy today? Knowing I have friends on the way to visit. Rare for me.

9. What is your dream? I have so many! Big ones and small ones. If I had to pick just one? To see my son walk away from me, on his own two feet.

10. What is your favourite food? Strawberries. No question.

Promise of things to come

Promise of things to come


I would like to nominate:

Sally Cronin – even though she is away.







Ladiies, your mission, should you choose to accept …and if you don’t, I’ll borrow Sally’s idea and you may accept a rose instead.

gardenand stuff 4701

Rules for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
Answer the 10 questions given to you.
Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

  1. Why do you have a Blog
  2. What inspire you the most?
  3. Favourite animal and why?
  4. What is your favourite Color?
  5. Do you prefer the Ocean or Mountain?
  6. Tea or Coffee?
  7. How many language can you speak?
  8. What made you happy today?
  9. What is your dream?
  10. What is your favourite food?

About Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at scvincent.com and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email: findme@scvincent.com.
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37 Responses to “The Sisterhood of the World” blog award.

  1. alienorajt says:

    Well done, Sue – quite right too! xxx


  2. Reblogged this on Book Cover Design & Illustration by Michelle Rene and commented:
    Congratulations to Sue Vincent for “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” A truly talented writer 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations. I will immediately stop licking the yellow paint brushes!


  4. The V-Pub says:

    Congratulations on your award. I’ve actually received this one, so I’m an honorary member of “The Sisterhood”. 😀


  5. C.E.Robinson says:

    Sue, congratulations, a well deserved award! Of all the blog awards, this is my favorite. Sisterhood of the World says it all. I’m a member of the “Sisterhood, too.” I love the creative way you wrote it up. Christine


  6. …Brother Gallacher likes this post 🙂


  7. Nice to know a bit of you… 🙂 Congrats for the award… 🙂


  8. Congratulations on the award Sue. Very well deserved, even if I can’t be nominated. Then again, I’ve gone award free now and only hand out my Mildred Award once a year.


  9. Yoshiko says:



  10. Congrats, Sue, and such a lovely way to respond. I have neglected my nominations for a while now, need to post some sort of acknowledgement/apology thing. I am always honored and thankful though. Love the rose idea. Thanks. 💕


  11. Bravo Sue!!!!! 🙂 I haven’t done blog awards for so long because of the time as well. For right now I would like to accept the beautiful Rose. And hopefully a weekend hour may present it’s self as needing filled….and I can come back to this! 🙂


  12. Silver Threading says:

    Sue, thank you for your kind nomination. I stopped accepting blog awards this January. My reward is having people read and comment on my work. With that said, I do have an awards page and will add your name there so that others may find you and your talented writings and poetry. I am honored that you thought of me. Thank you for the lovely rose! ❤


  13. Running Elk says:

    I’ll never look at yellow the same, ever again… Nor a camel for that matter… :p


  14. Eliza Waters says:

    Congratulations, and thanks for the nomination & the rose! ❤


  15. Norma says:

    Congrats Sue. 🙂


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