Ani’s Advent 2019! Brothers, Lilie and Tori Zigler

Dear Santa,

I’ve been thinking. Did I ever tell you that, when the two-legses first came to see me and my family, they wanted to take my brother home with them?

Not as well as, you understand… instead of.

Granted, they hadn’t met me yet… but, because she’d grown up with Red Setters, she really wanted a red dog, and my brothers were all red sort of colours. So, when they came, it was one of them they really wanted.

So they all sat on the grass in the garden with us and played with us for a while. One of my brothers really liked her and would have happily gone home with her, but she does have some sense for a two-legs, and let us do the choosing.

I knew she was mine, straight away. We always know. There is always one human we are supposed to be with, ’cause we have just exactly what they need. And I could see in her eyes that she needed me in her life, so I waddled over and sat on her… it works every time.

So her head was saying she wanted a red dog, but her heart was saying otherwise. It was only later I found out about my predecessor, Echo, her ‘laughing girl’…who looked a lot like me and who had chosen her by waddling over and sitting on her.

She missed Echo a lot.

Now, I knew I couldn’t take the place of the Dog That Went Before… but I could fill the hole in her heart. I just had to show her that it was the right thing to do. I sat on her some more… and she listened to what her heart was saying. And eventually, we came home together, me and the two-legs.

That’s a long time ago now and we are growing old, still pups together… and I think that’s sort of beautiful myself.

Maybe that’s why you matter so much, Santa. Not for the presents and stuff… but because, sometimes, you can fill the holes in peoples hearts and bring a little joy.

I’d like to think we have that in common, you and us dogs.

Anyway… my friend Lilie has a brother too… and she would like to talk to you about that.

Much love, Ani xxx

Dear Santa Paws,

I didn’t get to see you again last year, though I loved the toys and treats you left for me, so thanks for those.  Like I always tell everyone, I really love friends and visitors, so why won’t you wake me up to say, “Hello,” when you come bring our toys and treats? I’d really love to meet you.  I’ll do my best happy wiggle dance and everything.

Anyway, I’ve been a very good girl again.  But I don’t need to tell you that.  Mummy says you know if I’ve been good or not, so you’ll know how good I’ve been.  I mean, sure, I’ve gotten pretty cranky with my little brother sometimes.  But really, Santa Paws, you would if he was jumping on your head, chewing on your ear, and stealing your toys and treats too.  Just saying!

So, since I’ve been such a good little Westie girl, I’m sure you won’t mind bringing me some more toys and treats, right? So I want some more balls.  Yes, I know I have lots of balls already, but you can never have too many balls.  Also, I love those cuddly toys with squeakers in them, so a new one – or two – of those would be great.  Oh, and I’d love if you could bring me some treats too, since they’re another thing you can never have too much of in my opinion.  I especially love rawhide chewies… Just so you know.

You should probably bring some stuff for my little brother, Logan, too.  That way maybe he won’t steal my stuff all the time.  I know he keeps being a bad puppy, but he’ll only take my stuff if you don’t bring him something of his own.  Besides, he does try not to be a bad puppy… Mostly… Even if he’s not very good at managing it.  But trying does count.  Mummy says so.

Lots of licks,


Kelly, Kero and VictoriaAbout Lili’s To-Legs, Victoria Zigler

Victoria Zigler is a blind poet and children’s author who was born and raised in the Black Mountains of Wales, UK, and is now living on the South-East coast of England, UK. Victoria – or Tori, if you prefer – has been writing since she knew how, has a very vivid imagination, and spends a lot of time in fictional worlds; some created by her, others created by other authors. When she remembers to spend some time in the real world, it’s mostly to spend time with her hubby and pets, though sometimes to indulge in other interests that capture her attention from time to time. To date she has published 8 poetry books and more than 40 children’s books, with more planned for the near future. She’s also contributed a story to the sci-fi and fantasy anthology Wyrd Worlds II.

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Just a few of the many books by Victoria Zigler

Book 1 – Kero Goes Walkies

If there’s one thing Kero loves more than going for a walk, then it has to be going for a walk that takes him to more than one place. Today his walk will take him both to the park and to the beach. What will he find there? Who will he see? And what will a little dog like him think of it all?

Book 2 – Kero Celebrates His Birthday

It’s Kero’s birthday, and his humans are doing everything they can to make it a special day for him. What will Kero think of all the fuss and attention? And what exactly makes a birthday special for a dog anyway?

Book 3 – Kero Gets Sick

Kero isn’t feeling well at all, and that means only one thing: a trip to his least favourite place in the world… The vet! What will the vet do to make Kero feel better? And will Kero think it was worth the trip to the vet in the end?

Book 4 – Kero Celebrates Halloween

Something strange is going on, and Kero doesn’t know if he’s more confused or frightened. All he knows for sure is that the humans are calling it Halloween. Will Kero be able to make sense of this Halloween thing? Or is it just too scary and confusing for a little dog to understand?

Book 5 – Kero Goes To Town

Kero’s very excited to find he’s going to town with his humans. He’s sure there must be loads of great things to do there, after all the humans go there all the time. But what kinds of things can a little dog do in town? And will it be as much fun as he thinks it will?

Book 6 – Kero Celebrates Christmas

Christmas is here, and with it comes snow and Santa Paws – whoever he is. What will Kero think of the snow? Will he be able to make sense of all the holiday activity? And will he be able to stay up long enough to catch this mysterious Santa Paws?

Book 7 – Kero Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

Kero is sicker than he’s ever been before, and has been for a while now. It looks like it’s time for another trip to the vet. But this time Kero’s human won’t be bringing him home; it’s time for Kero to cross the rainbow bridge! What does this mean? And what will Kero find on the other side of the rainbow bridge?

This is the final book in the “Kero’s World” series, and tells the story of the saddest and very last chapter in the life of a beloved dog, as he goes to the place where all of us must go eventually.

About Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:
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54 Responses to Ani’s Advent 2019! Brothers, Lilie and Tori Zigler

  1. Hi Ani,
    Thanks for sharing my letter.
    I didn’t know you had brothers. I hope they got to live in homes as great as yours.
    Lots of licks,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A lovely letter to Santa from Lilie. It sounds like Tori has her hands full with the two active pups so I hope Santa brings lots of chewy toys, balls, and treats.
    And an adorable story by Ani about choosing her two-legs. It’s funny how they do that. ❤
    Happy Holiday Licks.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    More from Ani’s Advent calendar tales 😃


  4. We do know which two-legs is for us Ani. My brothers and sisters all came bouncing out into the yard, and one brother was such a show off, sitting up and pawing the air all cute like. Not me. I saw a lap worth loving, and got on it. The Young Master took me off and put me back with the rest so I did it again. Next thing I knew I was tucked up and warm in arms that felt right, and I snuggled into her chest as this red box rumbled along. I didn’t take the place of the one that went before, but made my own space. Love is like that.
    Lovely letter from Lillie. Hope Santa sends her loads of nice things…. and her brother of course. Love Maggie xxx


  5. Ritu says:

    Aw! So cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. noelleg44 says:

    May all of your Christmas dreams come true, Lily. And Ani, what a sweet letter – I do think you just knew where you were meant to be. And who could resist your cute puppiness! Someone with a capitol S was there that day!


  7. Lovely to see Lilie over here with Tori Zigler, Sue. A most entertaining post.


  8. willowdot21 says:

    Ani, I love your story it beautiful and I totally agree we dogs are pair in heaven with our owners.
    Lillie I loved your letter to Santa Paws, how kind of you to ask for pressies for your bothersome little brother. Love to you both Ruby 💜


  9. Pingback: Ani’s Advent 2019! Brothers, Lilie and Tori Zigler | willowdot21

  10. Sadje says:

    Such a lovely story


  11. Darlene says:

    Oh Ani, how great you chose Sue cause she seems so nice. I found my human dad on Facebook and my picture convinced him to drive 5 hours to get me. It was love at first sight. Hooray for social media! I hope you and your brother get lots of cool stuff for Christmas, Lilie. Dot the dog.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. acflory says:

    I loved your story, Ani. Mogi came into my life in much the same way. Two years after my boy Kushi died, I thought I was ready for another dog in my life, but I didn’t want one who looked like him. I thought that would be too painful, so I looked online and found a nice little Jack Russell in a local pet shop. Drove down and saw the little Jack. He was very cute, but there was this tiny scrap of a thing with HUGE ears bouncing at the glass in the cage next door. She looked like a little Mogwai [of movie fame]. And she was trying to get my attention so desperately… Once cuddle and the rest is history. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Widdershins says:

    Tries gets extra treats, I’m sure. 😀


  14. Jennie says:

    Brothers can be such a pain. Santa with be good to both of you, probably lots of balls and chewies. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  15. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow! says:

    Sitting on the two-legs definitely works every time! 🙂 I hope Santa brings everyone something wonderful this year! You’re all so cute! Happy Christmas ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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