The Feathered Seer

The Silent Eye hosts a number of events each year, from our annual Weekend Workshop in Derbyshire to our informal ‘Walk and Talk’ gatherings. All events are open to non-members and Companions of the School and they are a great way to meet us, explore the teachings we share and spend time with fellow travellers.

April 2017

The Silent Eye Annual Weekend Workshop – Open to All


“In a time before memory…when the land was yet young and Albion unborn, I dreamed the stars of a time yet to be. I dreamed your becoming.
…I see you.
I called and you have come.
The time is now.”

Join us as we journey back beyond recorded history to a time known only in dreams and a place that still casts its shadow in stone upon our landscape.
It is a time of peace and bright learning, a time when wisdom flourishes in the sacred colleges and a young Seer is nearing the end of her training.
They came with sword and spear, raveners of the land, seeking to pervert and destroy the Keepers of Wisdom. Torches in the night… a world forever changed…

Dates: Weekend of 21-23 April 2017

Location:  Great Hucklow, Derbyshire Dales. England.

Don’t miss it! Demand will be high and there are limited places.

Accommodation is provided full board at the Nightingale Centre with inclusive prices for the weekend from £245 – £265 per person.

Click here to download a pdf Booking Form for The Feathered Seer

For further details email:




The spiritual journey must be walked with a light step.

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3 Responses to The Feathered Seer

  1. Unbelievable!

    My step-mum and, until recently, my Dad, live in Great Hucklow, almost opposite the Nightingale Centre. They used to live in Little Hucklow and moved a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, they are now separated. My Dad, at the age of eighty-four, and infirm with Parkinson’s disease, has eloped with a lady called Willow. He is now living in a flat in Bakewell.


  2. stevetanham says:

    Bakewell has a lot to answer for…

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