Newsletter April 2014

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Newsletter April 2014

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Earlier this month the Silent Eye celebrated the anniversary of its birthing at the annual workshop in Derbyshire. This year the theme was The Land of the Exiles and the rituals that ran throughout the weekend combined a futuristic and dramatic storyline with the beauty and power of ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Once again we were joined by Companions from across the world; students and friends, old and new. From the frozen beauty of the hillside ritual to the laughter in the old Queen Anne next door to the centre, it was a memorable weekend.

We will be publishing the workbook later this year, as we did with The Song of the Troubadour, but for now there are a number of articles about the weekend on our website.

River of Sun banner in CorelWORKSHOP 2015 – RIVER OF THE SUN
Weekend of 24-26 April, 2015. Location: The lovely Nightingale Centre, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire Dales. England.

Continuing the Egyptian theme, our 2015 workshop will see us delve into the Nineteenth Dynasty and the reign of Seti I as we follow the life-story of a young man named Amkhren, whose heart’s desire is to be a priest in the temple of Isis on the ancient Nile island of Philae. Amkhren is lowly born and an orphan. A chance and dangerous meeting between his grandfather and Neferaset, the high priestess of Isis, opens the door to a mysterious world where the earnest and eager young man discovers that life on Philae operates on two levels, with a hidden face to its rituals, known only to the few…

All are welcome at our workshops and no previous experience is necessary. Full details and a booking form can be found on our website. Enquiries to

GLASTONBURY 20145164504

Throughout the year we will be presenting a series of talks under the aegis of the Glastonbury Reception Centre. Join us on Thursday 5th June, 2014 in Glastonbury as we discover the story of a fascinating symbol, The Enneagram, as we talk about the history, theory and practice of its use. The talk is given by the Silent Eye School and hosted by the Glastonbury Reception Centre. Click here for the link.

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The Silent Eye is a modern Mystery School offering a fully supervised course by correspondence and enhanced by optional events and workshops. Further details of the School, its founders and the course may be found on our website or by email

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