Dear Don: Thunder-Stone…

Ancient of Days, William Blake

Ancient of Days, William Blake

Dear Don,

Your lion-headed Aion is also associated with Mithras whose story, in symbolic terms, has close parallels with that of so many later religions including Christianity. He too is often depicted with a thunderbolt.

Your mention of the thunderbolts reminded me straight away of the Valknut, the triangular knot of Norse mythology that we came across before… the entwined thunderbolts thought to refer… perhaps…to the power of Odin to bind the minds of men with fear or unleash them through inspiration. The double edged sword…

Mithras. Image source: Wkipedia

Mithras. Image source: Wikipedia

We know the same symbol was found associated with Woden as lord of the dead in Anglo-Saxon cemeteries… the binding and unbinding of the cords of life seems a similar interpretation, albeit operating on another level of being.

The thunderbolt is a perfect symbol, really, for those flashes of illumination that seem to come out of nowhere, light us with the utter clarity of understanding… then fade, leaving only an impression and a knowing behind.

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