Five weeks…

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Sunday morning has dawned bright and.. well, actually no. Not bright at all, sort of grey, snowy and rather miserable. The only sign of the approaching spring equinox seems to be a rather large slug making its way across the deck in the general direction of the strawberry plants. Not that the weather matters too much, today I have housework to do. I have a friend coming to stay next week for a few days.

It will be nice to visit some of the ancient places if the weather behaves. Uffington is on the agenda, with the white horse.. or dragon.. carved into the hillside and the tranquil enclosure of Wayland’s Smithy. It will be nice too to cook for someone again and share a meal and a bottle of wine into the evening.  Though last time I think it was about five am when we finally stopped talking, said goodnight and went to bed.

The place is tidy, on the whole… apart from the dining table and desk piled high with paperwork and  paint, canvas and brushes, several books and a small regiment of sketches. And Ani’s toys strewn across the carpet. The guest room is all prepared and only waits for flowers. But the house just feels a little grubby and tired. That too is a spring thing. I want to throw open all the doors and windows and let the clean air blow through. Too damned cold for that though yet!

It is a waiting time.

Of course, with the launch of the School now just under five weeks away life seems poised and waiting on many levels. Although the work is frantic, exciting  and ongoing, there is also a sense of calm and serenity as the School becomes alive in an indefinable way.

It is very much like waiting for a first child, when the initial excitement and preconceptions of parenthood are very far from the warmth of a babe in your arms. I remember the feeling. That first burst of joy, mingled with a sense of almost unreality, that changes as the child within grows and  becomes alive and makes its presence felt, changing you irrevocably and permanently. Adding something precious, beautiful and very much alive to the thread of your own life.

The first nebulous ideas of the School, rooted in intellect have taken on heart and depth and soul, surprising us sometimes by the direction in which we have found ourselves turning. We have had to let go of many things to which we have become accustomed and step with trust into the unfolding wonder.

It was all neatly planned in principle, but as we have learned to know it and grown into it, the body of understanding in the School has evolved and amazes us sometimes with the Love and Light it holds and that shines through it. We can see the potential of the child stretching into a future unknowable. As parents all we can do is take the life with which we have been entrusted and enrich it, equip it, prepare it as best we can for its first flight into the world.

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The weekend workshop of the launch will mark both its birth and its baptism. Like any proud parent we would like to share the occasion. There will be a celebratory atmosphere to the proceedings, as well as the deeper aspects of ritual drama and knowledge we will share.

We have people coming from across the continents, knowing from past workshops and courses that we can be trusted to deliver something worthwhile and thought provoking. Do you know how truly awe inspiring it is that we are trusted enough to have guests from the US, from Europe, from Canada and the entire length of the UK choosing to attend the birth of our School?

There are others who cannot attend, but who we know will be with us in thought and spirit, even though we would dearly love them to be there in the flesh. And we plan on making some of the transcripts available to those who cannot join us.

We do have a few places left if you would like to be with us. You can find out more here.

We have new member son the forum at the website, a place where we hope to build a safe community for discussion, thought in friendship… not just limited to School members, but open to any who care to register with the site. I would love to see the quiet virtual halls buzzing with discussion and ringing with laughter.

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The new Healing List on the forum is growing and I know from personal experience with my son how much the knowledge of prayers, thoughts and care from across the globe can comfort and help in times of need.

Wish us well, we too are grateful for your thoughts and prayers.


About Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:
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10 Responses to Five weeks…

  1. I hope you are feeling better today. Have a lovely time with your guest.


  2. kenhaberman says:

    Best of luck with your school, Sue. It sounds amazing!


  3. Ann says:

    Good luck Sue and Steve with love and best wishes Ann xx


  4. Ann says:

    Hi Sue my computer is being a bit silly , it froze so could not complete my name


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